IndiviCare 4

Your Electronic Medical Records plus Patient Communications, securely hosted in our state of the art commercial data centres.

Virtual Care is tightly integrated within the IndiviCare EMR application through Communicate and Notify.

Clinician controlled secure patient messaging plus unlimited appointment notifications and patient mailings are yours to use and included with every IndiviCare, at no additional cost.

Say hello to IndiviCare 4. We pick up the tab on the server hardware and provide you a fully redundant, hosted EMR solution for a fraction of the total cost of ownership of other EMRs.

IndiviCare 4 includes Appointment Notifications, Patient Communications, Inter-Clinic Data Sharing, and a Hot Standby backup EMR for free.

Indivica’s Proactive Management solution monitors your entire solution, finding potential system faults or security breaches, 24 hours per day. When a security threat arises or a critical software defect is identified, our Proactive Management solution assesses the risk and, when required, patches your servers in minutes.

Established in 2008, we directly support 2000 physicians, 6000 daily users, and 7 million health records.

Indivica is known for our excellence in service, innovative and stable software, and professional management.

4100 Yonge Street, Suite 505
Toronto, Ontario
M2P 2B5

1.855.672.2878 (tel: support)
1.855.672.2366 (tel: administration)
1.416.981.7340 (fax)

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Indivica is a part of the WELL EMR Group