IndiviCare Hosted EMR

Includes all of the following great features and services for an incredible $200/month:

IndiviCare Hosted EMR

Say hello to Indivica’s ASP. We pick up the tab on the server hardware and provide you a fully redundant EMR solution with the peace of mind you expect from Indivica. You get the same great IndiviCare EMR software and the same great service, but for a fraction of the total cost of ownership of a local solution or other leading ASP EMRs.

IndiviCare EMR

Professionally developed, the IndiviCare EMR solution delivers an intuitive and easy to use, classic experience, First Databank’s MedKnowledge package, Indivica’s practice management modules and our WebEDT Clinical App, plus Indivica’s Proactive Management solution, to ensure your clinic runs at peak efficiency and your patient data is always safe and secure.

IndiviCare Clinical Apps

WebEDT – Indivica’s WebEDT fully automates the submission and retrieval of your OHIP MC EDT billings and reports.

End-to-End Service and Support

With an industry leading Service Level Agreement, excellent service and support, Indivica stands behind everything we do. Our 24/7, end-to-end coverage includes your complete solution so when things aren’t working, you’ll always know who to call. The personal and attentive service our team provides will make things right, every time.

Proactive Management

Indivica’s Proactive Management solution monitors your entire solution, finding potential system faults or security breaches, 24 hours per day. Most times our professional staff cures the issues before you even notice. When a security threat arises or a critical software defect is identified, our Proactive Management solution assesses the risk and, when required, patches your servers in minutes.

Maintenance And Support Services

IndiviCare annual support includes telephone and email support, regular software updates and 24/7 emergency coverage.

Support coverage applies to the EMR software and the configured computers, scanners, printers and telecommunications devices recommended by Indivica.

Services include:

  • Redundant hosted servers
  • EMR application maintenance and upgrades
  • Network security health checks
  • Unlimited support cases
  • 24/7 live phone support

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$2,400/year per physicianPrice:

Consulting Services

Indivica understands the challenges you face when introducing and maintaining new platforms and applications.

Our experience and knowledge base will ensure you maximise the return on your investment.

Indivica consultants are available to assist you with your technical and practice management challenges.

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Installation Services

Indivica provides on-site installation and configuration of your new platform into your new or existing office infrastructure.

Installation includes setup of servers, configuring your network security, setup of your document scanner and installation of your lab interfaces.

Smaller clinics with up to 5 practitioners can usually be installed in 5-8 hours.

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Training Services

Both practitioners and staff will require specialized training to enable them to efficiently and correctly use the EMR.

Indivica recommends a minimum staff training consisting of 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic functionality and 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic billing.

Indivica recommends a minimum practitioner training consisting of 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic usage.

Both practitioners and staff may elect to receive additional advanced level training. Advanced training covers power user features and functions, and is customized per the needs of the individual practice.

Training is available for both administrators and practitioners.

The amount of training required for any particular practice is highly dependent on the individual clinic, however, as a general guideline we recommend:

  • Basic Practitioner User Training: 6 hours
  • Basic Staff User Training: 6 hours
  • Basic Billing Training: 6 hours

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