Proactive Management

Indivica’s Proactive Management solution is your preventative action plan, to ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available to you.

Everyday, thousands of users and millions of patient records are depending on properly functioning infrastructure. Everything you rely upon is monitored by our innovative technology, predicting and resolving faults before you even know they exist.

Proactive Management is our commitment to you, to ensure you always have access to your data. It is our backstop to your backup plan.


The solution monitors all systems in our two data centres and the critical infrastructure in your clinic in real time. As faults are detected, our services team is dispatched to resolve the problems.

Everyday, we resolve numerous problems before users even detect them.

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When we are asked “What makes Indivica special? What makes your different?”, this is how we answer – Proactive Management sets us apart. We’ve invested heavily in technology that makes your EMR work better for you, and keeps it working day after day.

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Proactive Management. Keeping your clinic safe and secure from disasters, both large and small, through 24 hour monitoring.