IndiviCare 4 – Hosted EMR

  • Cloud strategies are now standard across industry because they are more resilient, secure, and cost effective
  • We provide hosted EMR service via our two, state-of-the-art, fully redundant data centres (Toronto & Barrie) – removing the need for noisy equipment in your office
  • Hot standby service included; full feature secondary server – labs, faxes, billing, etc., will failover to secondary if primary server fails
  • Cost effective and scalable to your changing needs – elastic performance for your specific clinic
  • Highly restricted, layered physical security blocks access to the hardware
  • Carrier grade Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention blocks cyber attacks on the data

A familiar interface

  • An intuitive and easy to use, classic experience, leverages your existing investment in infrastructure, training, workflow, and processes


An improved experience

  • Intuitive and unobtrusive drug-drug interactions, based on by First Databank, implemented with dynamic user control tailored to the individual physician aids in appropriate decision support


  • Drug-allergy interactions support a simplified experience (e.g. based on “Ingredient”, “Drug”, or “Allergen Group”)


  • A new work queue allows you to track the lab requests you’ve created for your patients and the lab reports that you received back from the laboratories


  • Clinic workflow is further enhanced by powerful new extensions to the tickler platform. Ticklers now can be used for workflow management with full pass-along to the next responsible operator, while maintaining detailed references to what is occurring at each step of the process.

tickler list

tickler edit

  • Flowsheets have been enhanced to deliver a consistent user experience with new advanced features such as timeframe and priority highlighting, even for your own custom flowsheets


  • The preventions interface now allows you to manage and create your own custom preventions and screens care elements


  • Administrative tasks such as merging together full patient records has been enhanced to provide a more robust implementation based on our years of experience performing EMR conversions


Data sharing that “just works”

  • Native data sharing experience – nothing new to learn
  • Primary chart presented natively via covering clinics
  • Notifications to primary clinic via standard workflow
  • Simplified administration – in the demographic record, you identify if a patient is remote (e.g. where his/her master record is), and thats it – the green “Link” icon shows you that patient is linked to a remote clinic


Enhanced MOHLTC e-Services

  • WebEDT – automated MC-EDT billing submissions and reports retrieval – works transparently (e.g. no user interface). WebEDT has been expanded to support Roster and Capitation Payment Reconciliation Reports, allowing you to easily add/remove/change demographic information based on the MOHLTC info


  • WebHCV – automated health card validation – via standard demographic record management workflow


  • OLIS – access to OLIS via Inbox – two modes: remote file viewer, e.g. search on demand; auto polling, e.g. set criteria to look for and retrieve specific reports


  • HRM – access to HRM via Inbox (reports are automatically retrieved and loaded into the Inbox)


Enhanced user security, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery

  • Auditing/Logging solution wide – extensive new forensic auditing framework designed to be PHIPA future proofed


  • Additional security layers with expanded data access role management – supports groups of users with restricted access to groups of patients
  • Carrier grade cyber security platform supports advanced features and functionality including:
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Antivirus and antiphishing filtering
    • Content filtering
    • Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping


  • Hot standby, full feature secondary server in a second location (two data centres) – primary/secondary server replaces less capable backup server models – network based services such as labs, faxes, billing, etc will failover to secondary server if primary server fails
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