IndiviCare Cloud

Indivica has deployed a major hosting platform in our fibre connected, redundantly powered, secure data centres. Our facilities are world class operation based in Toronto and Barrie, and are both SSAE (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) 16 Type II, and CSAE (Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements) 3416 certified. Our secure, guarded facilities are staffed and our network is actively managed 24/7/365.

IndiviCare Cloud solutions available today include:

IndiviCare Web Applications


  • Invoice - an advanced, easy to use and cost effective medical billing application that supports third party billing and delivers extensive practice management analytics. Invoice is transaction based, so you always have a clear view into your cash position today, and as of any date in the past. In the patient financial dashboard, account balance and history, statements, and pre-payments are easily managed. The reporting dashboard delivers informative charts, and are supported by numerous reports geared towards cash, receivables and write-offs, services and procedures utilization, and service provider efficiency. Invoice supports 3rd party integration via standardized, manual report exports and/or via IndiviNet, the IndiviCare Web Services application framework. Invoice is integrated into other Indivica cloud applications such as Notify and connects into your IndiviCare EMR.

  • Notify

  • Notify - reduce your incidents of missed appointments and lessen the effort required by your staff to communicate with your patients with automated clinical notifications and appointment confirmations. Notify integrates with your schedule and contacts your patients via telephone and/or email to to remind them of upcoming appointments. Your staff can select from one of the predefined messages, or create an entirely custom message that is then sent to your patients at a time before the appointment of your choosing. Patients have the option to confirm or cancel the appointment via their phone or the web. Notify also supports sending clinical announcement to some or all of your roster, performing such tasks as announcing new services, upcoming trials, or rescheduling a days worth of appointments.

  • IndiviCare Web Services 

  • IndiviNet - allows you to safely and securely develop EMR connected 3rd party applications. There is a lot of complexity involved in supporting integrated application frameworks, especially in a secure medical context. IndiviNet removes this complexity so you can get your applications up and running in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. IndiviNet delivers a consistent API, ensuring that as the underlying EMR software and database schemas change, your applications continue to work, further reducing your long term maintenance costs. One example of how IndiviNet has helped a customer, is a deployment where the clinic’s POS and accounting software has been directly integrated into the EMR’s billing software.

  • IndiviCare Hosted Services

    Data Centre

  • Hosted Backup - Indivica now provides you the option to host your disaster recovery EMR backup service in our managed cloud. This service does not require any additional hardware purchase on your behalf.
  • IndiviCare Hosted EMR – a hosted EMR server takes a few minutes to get up and running and performs just like the software was in your office. The IndiviCare Hosted EMR runs in our world class data centres, and requires no additional hardware purchases. All you need is a modern web browser and an Internet connection.