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IndiviCare Support Services

Indivica offers a full range of commercial services to help your medical practice benefit from IndiviCare. We are here to help improve your practice, whether you need speciality engineering, end user support, or training on the latest features.

Commercial Support for IndiviCare

We understand that your practice can’t wait for software. If you are serious about deploying an EMR in your practice, than you need to engage with Indivica’s professional support team. We are the support team that your office needs.

The Best Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You can’t afford for your software to be down. Indivica’s SLA is designed to get you up and running, and keep you there. From the deployment of redundant systems, to delivering safe, reliable and secure software, your data is safe and your operations are assured.

Peace of Mind You Can Afford

Indivica is committed to delivering the right level of service at a fair price. We are happy to work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate level of protection for your specific practice.

Ease of Deployment

Our services include the necessary actions required to get you up and running with the minimum interuption to your practice. From ensuring that your existing records are migrated, to implementing best practices for disaster recovery, our efforts are targeted at keeping you productive.

Training Services

Our training program offers on-site courses and mentoring to help users obtain the necessary professional qualifications for IndiviCare.

With proper training, you will have the knowledge and background to use IndiviCare to its full potential.

Whether you are a physician, administrator, or receptionist, our training helps you learn the principles along with the practical uses. You will quickly find yourself mastering IndiviCare.

Custom Development

IndiviCare is a full featured package and it is unlikely that you will need additional development to meet the needs of your specific practice. However, Indivica offers development services for those organizations that would like to create local customizations or extentions for their solution.

Why Indivica

Leverage our years of global experience in developing complex, mission critical systems for your IndiviCare development project.

Our developers are fast and efficient. We leverage light development processes while delivering high quality products.

Indivica has the experience and knowledge to deliver your project on time and on budget. From a clear definition of the project scope, through specifying the deliverables and managing the schedule, Indivica consistently delivers.