All About IndiviCare

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IndiviCare supports all the functions you need to run a busy medical practice, including:

  • Encounter – Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP) centric views keeps you working efficiently using an intuitive and powerful interface
  • Prescription – fully integrated with dosage and interaction databases
  • Reminders – extensive tickler system delivering timely alerts and reminders
  • Forms – wide range of IndiviCare and 3rd party forms, all easily customizable
  • Consults and Referrals – automate the process and interactions with referrals
  • Roster Management – patient demographics are easily maintained
  • Preventions – monitors and alerts for preventative screening and best practice interventions
  • Lab Portal – results from laboratories are directly imported into IndiviCare
  • Paperless Office – supports the inclusion of scanned and electronic notes and diagnostic imaging, interfaces with electronic fax servers
  • Billing – supports smart and simplified billing, super-code, and 3rd party billing
  • Scheduling – highly flexible and customizable

The IndiviCare Solution

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IndiviCare is a web based application. The IndiviCare software and database runs on a single or redundant server configuration and can be deployed in your office or hosted in the cloud. Extensive security delivers IndiviCare applications securely to your web browser. Both Windows and Mac workstations are supported.

Typically, the IndiviCare architecture will dramatically reduce your deployment and maintenance costs, as you are not required to outfit your entire office with new workstations; your existing office computers will usually suffice.

The IndiviCare server software runs on inexpensive, commodity hardware and uses a high performance, industrial strength foundation to deliver the best price/performance in the market.

IndiviCare 4

More information is available for our latest release via the IndiviCare 4 features page.

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