What You Need To Consider When You Are Getting Started

To get your practice up and running with IndiviCare, Indivica supplies the following products and services. Please refer to indivica.ca/store, for more product details, and current pricing.

  1. IndiviCare annual support – You will need an annual support contract to ensure that your practice continues to run smoothly. The annual support includes telephone and email support, 1 x software update per calendar year and 24/7 emergency coverage. The cost is $2,400/year for the each full time equivalent (FTE) practitioner per clinic.
  2. IndiviCare training – Both practitioners and staff will require specialized training to enable them to efficiently and correctly use IndiviCare. Indivica recommends a minimum staff training consisting of 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic functionality and 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic billing. Indivica recommends a minimum practitioner training consisting of 2 x 3 hr sessions to cover basic usage. Both practitioners and staff may elect to receive additional advanced level training. Advanced training covers power user features and functions, and is customized per the needs of the individual practice. Advanced training is provided at $140/hr.
  3. IndiviCare installation – Indivica provides on site installation and configuration of your new IndiviCare platform into your new or existing office infrastructure. This installation package typically includes setup of IndiviCare software, configuring your network security, setup of your document scanner and installation of lab interfaces. Installation services are provided at $140/hr.
  4. IndiviCare data conversion – Indivica is experienced in moving your data from your legacy system into Indivicare. Most established clinics move their demographic information. Some clinics will additionally move their billing histories, their appointments and schedule histories, and/or their electronic patient charts. The cost of a conversion is based on your specific needs.