Appointment notifications and patient mailings are now included, for free, in IndiviCare.

IndiviCare now includes Notify which seamlessly delivers secure patient engagement functionality.


Leveraging the power of Indivica’s network technology, IndiviNet, Notify is a native IndiviCare application that integrates appointment notifications and patient mailings into the standard EMR workflow. This delivers useful new functionality effortlessly and automatically within your practice.

Notify functionality includes:

Appointment Notifications, Reminders, Confirmations & Cancellations via email

  • These customizable and configurable notifications can be automatically sent a preconfigured numbered of days before the appointment
  • Notifications can also be manually sent at the time of appointment creation/modification

Mass Mailing

  • Patient lists can be created and targeted with templated messages
  • Different message templates can be created and saved for different occasions


  • A Welcome Message can be crafted to send to your users (automatically, with their first notification)
  • Patients have the ability to opt-out of Notify via a flag in their Demographic Record.
  • Extensive reports can be run to ensure functionality is behaving as expected
  • All communication is secure