Your investment in training is protected by our customer centric product evolution strategy; this includes a balanced investment in both improving our user experience and upgrading our product infrastructure.

IndiviCare is very easy to use. Our user interface design model ensures that methodical enhancements to the user experience are only done to enhance user engagement with the product.

Under the covers, the IndiviCare platform has been completely re-architected and rebuilt to deliver a fully network aware solution designed for today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovation. All of our customers are using network services – millions of network transactions are processed each month.

For example, over one third of our customers have decided to electronically share full charts between their independent clinics. From the user’s perspective, the remote and local charts appear to be the same. This electronic data sharing occurs transparently to the user and securely over the IndiviCare network platform.

(Many vendors make superficial changes to their software while neglecting to invest in the security, performance, usability, and scalability of their platform.)