Indivica works with our customers to collaboratively come up with innovative solutions in support of advanced healthcare. When solutions are designed by physicians & clinicians to solve practical problems with an eye to the future, then combined with our expertise in leading-edge secure network applications, the resultant product provides real value with strategic relevance.

For example, Indivica has worked with groups of specialists and family health teams for many years, designing products such as network aware, electronic data collection forms, and a product strategy which fits perfectly into the networked data aspirations of modern healthcare teams. Long term, data will be able to be normalized and analyzed to provide real insight into the healthcare of patients across an entire group. Meanwhile, the network aware forms and tools will assist physicians and healthcare professionals daily, to efficiently interact with patients and their extended allied health team, while providing real cost and time savings in managing ones practice.

Indivica’s network platform has been deployed, in production and at scale, for over five years. Real-time data sharing occurs on our network every day by hundreds of physicians. Many Indivica customers are already driving insight from their analysis of their data.

(Any vendor can do a one-off, limited scope science project, but without the right network platform architecture, it is not possible to deliver a significant, ongoing improvement to healthcare via real-time, secure and efficient access to the massive data sets now available within each and every EMR, but distributed across many independent databases.)