In 2016, over 20 million network transaction requests have been processed by IndiviCare 4.

The introduction of IndiviCare 4 has been Indivica’s most successful product launch ever. We started rolling out our new platform in volume after the product received its certification on May 10, 2016. By the end of the 2016, the software was broadly in production use by Indivica’s customers.

The 2016 adoption and performance of IndiviCare 4 has been pleasantly beyond our expectations.

A few numbers shed light on just how well the product has performed in 2016:

  • 20 million – the number of transactions served by IndiviCare 4’s network services
  • 1.5 million – the number of drug interaction requests served by IndiviCare 4
  • 50,000 gigabytes – the amount of data that has moved in and out of our Barrie data centre

One of the major benefits of Indivica’s ASP solution is our ability to deliver high performance network based services, usually without any user interaction required. The challenge, of course, is to do this quickly, efficiently, and securely.

For example, a physician’s billing and reconciliation files automatically move to and from OHIP without direct user action, just as a patient’s health card is validated automatically without forcing the clinician to do anything special or extra. Further examples include Indivica’s network services support the seamless sharing of patient data between clinics and IndiviCare 4 will highlight potential concerns if a drug or allergy is found to conflict with a new prescription.

With IndiviCare 4, the throughput and performance of our network services (over 20 million requests in 2016) has been a testament to the scale and maturity of our platform and the effort we put in before the software was actually launched.

We continue to substantially invest in our infrastructure, as we deploy the resources necessary to support our objectives for 2017 and beyond.