Indivica has an established track record of protecting our customers and delivering on our commitments:

  • IndiviCare 4 Electronic Medical Records Solution: production deployed (December 2015) and certified (May 2016) includes hundreds of feature improvements and security enhancements requiring virtually no new end-user training
  • IndiviCare Collaboration (ongoing customer partnerships): FHT Program Reports, IHP Encounter Tracking, UTOPIAN – CPCSSN Data Analysis, Invoice Analytics
  • World class data centres (Spring 2013) with 99.999% uptime and military grade, defence in depth security: IndiviCare hosted solutions for 350 clinics and Proactive Management solution (real-time operational awareness) covering both hosted and locally deployed servers
  • IndiviNet (Summer 2014) secure cloud application platform including: WebEDT (January 2015), IndiviCare Rx (December 2015), IndiviCare Auditor (December 2015), WebHCV (March 2016), IndiviCare Link (May 2016)

Every day, Indivica directly supports 1000+ physicians, 4000+ daily users, and 5.5+ million health records.