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Indivica’s Data Centres

Fun Fact – Indivica’s data centres contain:

  • 955 Servers
  • 10,366 GB Memory
  • 1,440 CPUs
  • 704 TB SSDs

And every day, 1.81 TB of data is processed.

IndiviCare now includes Notify

Appointment notifications and patient mailings are now included, for free, in IndiviCare.

IndiviCare now includes Notify which seamlessly delivers secure patient engagement functionality.


Leveraging the power of Indivica’s network technology, IndiviNet, Notify is a native IndiviCare application that integrates appointment notifications and patient mailings into the standard EMR workflow. This delivers useful new functionality effortlessly and automatically within your practice.

Notify functionality includes:

Appointment Notifications, Reminders, Confirmations & Cancellations via email

  • These customizable and configurable notifications can be automatically sent a preconfigured numbered of days before the appointment
  • Notifications can also be manually sent at the time of appointment creation/modification

Mass Mailing

  • Patient lists can be created and targeted with templated messages
  • Different message templates can be created and saved for different occasions


  • A Welcome Message can be crafted to send to your users (automatically, with their first notification)
  • Patients have the ability to opt-out of Notify via a flag in their Demographic Record.
  • Extensive reports can be run to ensure functionality is behaving as expected
  • All communication is secure

Now Hiring – Senior Developer – Programmer Analyst

Indivica continues to expand our Development team.

If you are looking for a new, exciting challenge and have relevant experience, then please drop us a line. See for details.

Happy New Years

Welcome to 2019. We hope it is amazing for you.

Thank You

Happy Birthday Indivica

happy birthday indivica

Now Hiring – Senior Technical Systems Analyst

Indivica is expanding our Services team.

If you are looking for a new, exciting challenge and have relevant experience, then please drop us a line. See for details.

Now Hiring – Software Engineer

Indivica continues to expand our Development team.

If you are looking for a new, exciting challenge and have relevant experience, then please drop us a line. See for details.

Protecting Your Financial Exposure

Protecting your information isn’t an afterthought, it has been designed into the solution at every step. From our two internationally certified data centres, to our carrier grade cyber protection solutions, your data is safe. IndiviCare was designed to protect you against expensive ransomware attacks and the constantly evolving cyber threat. Furthermore, the software has been hardened against inside jobs, and our forensic auditor captures everything occurring with your data.

Indivica’s active management solution monitors the health and security of your system in realtime, and in addition to active human responses to the evolving environment, we perform a daily management review of the system so that we can proactively resolve issues, usually before you have noticed yourself.

(Many vendors leave you financially exposed and liable to risks associated with their software.)

Customer Centric Product Evolution

Your investment in training is protected by our customer centric product evolution strategy; this includes a balanced investment in both improving our user experience and upgrading our product infrastructure.

IndiviCare is very easy to use. Our user interface design model ensures that methodical enhancements to the user experience are only done to enhance user engagement with the product.

Under the covers, the IndiviCare platform has been completely re-architected and rebuilt to deliver a fully network aware solution designed for today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovation. All of our customers are using network services – millions of network transactions are processed each month.

For example, over one third of our customers have decided to electronically share full charts between their independent clinics. From the user’s perspective, the remote and local charts appear to be the same. This electronic data sharing occurs transparently to the user and securely over the IndiviCare network platform.

(Many vendors make superficial changes to their software while neglecting to invest in the security, performance, usability, and scalability of their platform.)

Total Cost of Ownership – Your Best Value EMR Solution

Indivica’s inclusive pricing makes us the market cost leader. You don’t pay more for value-added services, nor transaction costs for features you want or need to use regularly.

Value added services for no additional cost include:

  • highly secured (virtual and physical), high performance servers & backbone Internet network speed
  • real-time, fully redundant hot standby backup services, geographically distributed to protect against environmental outages and disasters (fibre cuts, blackouts, ice storms, etc.)
  • full access to your data with support for data modelling and advance analytics such as FHT reporting and ad-hoc data mining
  • real-time network services such as inter-site data sharing, fax anything, drug and allergy interactions, health card validation, MOHLTC billing, labs, OLIS, HRM, and soon, patient appointment notifications and confirmations

(Many vendors have significant hidden and additional fees. Your best value solution is one where you get what you need to run your clinic without pricing surprises after the fact.)

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