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Indivica By The Numbers – August 2016

2: world class data centres
4: major releases of software
8: years in business

1000: servers
1400: OHIP billing physicians
4000: active users

3 million: dollars of software development donated
5.5 million: medical records under management

IndiviCare 4 – Get More. Pay Less. $200/Month.

Get More

  • Easy to use, commercially stable and fully certified EMR solution
  • Supports both Specialist and General Practices –used in over 30 different areas of health care
  • Export your complete data on demand at any time
  • Indivica provides unlimited liability for privacy and security
  • One year contract
  • Two state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar hosting facilities
  • Ministry of Defence standards for layered cyber and physical security
  • Performance on demand virtualization
  • Actively monitored and managed solution – both electronic and human oversight
  • Guaranteed application, power and network uptime service level agreements
  • Managed hot standby failover servers with follow-me services support
  • Cloud application platform delivering real-time data sharing and access to electronic health assets

Pay Less

  • The subscription cost of $200/month delivers market leading value proposition

Upcoming Event – Sept. 22, 2016 – The EMR: Every Step Conference

The EMR: Every Step Conference is Ontario’s premier electronic medical record technologies conference series for community-based physician practices. Come meet the Indivica team and learn more about IndiviCare 4, our latest software release, and how it can help you improve your practice.

The conference takes place on September 22, 2016 at:
International Conference Centre, 6900 Airport Rd., Toronto, ON, L4V 1E8

For more information about the conference, please see:

IndiviNet – Indivica’s Secure Cloud Application Platform

IndiviNet is our secure platform for delivering innovative solutions.


IndiviNet delivers the next-generation of EHR table stakes today: Safe (for you and your patients), Secure (against existing and emerging threats), Resilient (uninterrupted service after unexpected events), Efficient (reducing your effort), and Cost Effective (reducing your total cost of ownership).

It is Networked: transparent access to information (both local and remote), resources (such as OLIS and MCEDT, …), communications (both on-net and off-net, including patients), and self-service (helping stakeholders help themselves).

It is Automated: removing the human from tasks which can be performed by the system and streamlining your effort in dealing with events.

IndiviNet is Informative: mountains of data is reduced to actionable insight into patient care and your clinical operations.

It is Actively Managed: it’s our preventative action plan, to ensure your data is safe, secure, and always available to you – everything you rely upon is monitored by our Network Operations Centre (NOC) technology, predicting and resolving faults before you even know they exist.

Indivinet is the platform on which IndiviCare 4 is based.


More information about Indivicare 4 can be found here.

Indivica’s Data Centres

Welcome to Fort Knox

  • Fault tolerant and hardened against physical and cyber attacks – defence in depth including Denial of Service, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing, plus Multi-Factor Biometric and Multi-Ringed physical security with 24/7 guards
  • Independently powered – electrical backup systems have backup systems – 100% Power Service Level Agreement
  • Backbone speeds – 100G network – 100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Geographically distributed protects against natural disasters – Toronto & Barrie

Indivica Delivers

  • World class data centres (spring 2013) with 99.999% uptime, and military grade, defence-in-depth security: IndiviCare Hosted Backup for 350+ clinics and Proactive Management solution (realtime operational awareness) covering both hosted and locally deployed servers
  • IndiviNet (summer 2014) secure cloud application platform: WebEDT (spring 2015), IndiviCare Rx (Dec. 2015), IndiviCare Auditor (Dec. 2015), WebHCV (Mar. 2016), IndiviCare Link (May 2016)
  • IndiviCare 4 production deployed (Dec. 2015) and certified (May 2016) includes hundreds of feature improvements and security enhancements requiring virtually no new end-user training
  • IndiviCare Collaboration (ongoing customer partnerships) – FHT Program Reports, IHP Encounter Tracking, UTOPIAN – CPCSSN Data Analysis, Invoice Analytics

IndiviCare 4 Certification

Toronto, ON, May 10, 2016 – Indivica is pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the certification of IndiviCare 4 under OntarioMD’s ASP EMR marketplace expansion program today and we are now able to offer you an OntarioMD-certified EMR solution.

For additional information concerning OntarioMD’s ASP EMR marketplace expansion program, please refer to, and the addition of IndiviCare 4 to their updated Certified EMR Details page at: ““.

Indivica is now offering its IndiviCare 4 software as an OntarioMD-certified EMR solution which has been developed to meet the requirements of OntarioMD’s v4.2 EMR Specifications. Detailed information about the new and improved functionality, descriptions and screenshots of IndiviCare 4 is available on our website via:“.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Neil Baimel & David Daley

Spotlight on IndiviCare 4 – Rx Interactions

New in IndiviCare 4 – Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interactions

The new drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions platform by Indivica, delivers the First Databank interactions platform in an un-obtrusive and helpful manner.

The solution does not interrupt your workflow or time to prescribe. It provides helpful alerts and the ability to discover additional information on the discovered interaction, including suggested mitigation strategies.


For more information, please select the following link.

We’re Hiring!

Indivica is a growing Health IT solution provider, located in the heart of the theatre district in downtown Toronto. Every day, thousands of users and millions of medical records are supported by our most excellent team.

Our web friendly technology is based on MySQL, Java, Python and the latest HTML standards. We work tirelessly to deliver the potential of cloud-based, mobile computing solutions.

As Indivica continues to innovate and deliver exceptional products to market, we require top shelf talent to join our team.

To apply for a career with Indivica, email your resume to

Spotlight on Security

Patient medical record security has recently made headlines due to two class action lawsuits. A $412 million class action lawsuit was recently launched in Ontario after former employees of the Rouge Valley Health System inappropriately accessed 8,300 personal health records. A $5.6 million class action lawsuit was also filed recently after 280 records were wrongfully accessed by the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and seven of its employees.

Indivica is very concerned about the safety of the patient data contained within your medical record system.

We provide three critical services to ensure that your EMR is safe and secure:

  1. Proactive Management
  2. Rapid Reaction Deployment
  3. Ongoing Security Sweeps

Proactive Management

Indivica’s proactive management application, continuously monitors your servers to ensure that they are functioning safely and reliably. Over two dozen tests are run on each of your servers every hour to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency, and any security risk to your software is immediately detected.

Rapid Reaction Deployment

Indivica’s IndiviNet platform allows us to respond extraordinarily fast to any emerging threat or system problem. Recently, we patched over 1000 of your servers in less than 4 minutes.

Ongoing Security Sweeps

Our development and quality assurance team performs regular security sweeps of the software as part of each maintenance release. As a result, each maintenance release has improved the overall security of your software. For example, in the most recent release of software you received, 9 additional security holes were discovered and repaired by Indivica’s team.

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